What is BYOT?

BYOT (Bring your own technology) allows students to access LCDS’s wireless network with their personal laptops, Chromebooks, netbooks or tablets for use in their classes. Students will no longer have to go to a lab to use a computer. They will have their device with them, as needed, where needed.


LCDS students are part of a generation of “digital natives”. Surveys of our 5th-8th grade students indicate that a majority of our students have access to multiple devices at home. These devices, laptops, tablets, netbooks etc., are powerful learning tools that students and their teachers are eager to have access to at school. BYOT allows students to make use of their existing devices without the extra cost of a designated school device.

Who is participating in the BYOT program?

All 5th – 8th grade students are part of the BYOT initiative. 3rd and 4th grade students will be given a chromebook to use for 3rd through 5th grade. Though participation is optional, LCDS strongly recommends that students have a device for use at school.

How will students use their devices?

Students will use their devices to complete work as assigned by their classroom teachers. Examples of typical activities may include:

Internet research

Note taking

Creating and collaborating on documents with Google Apps for Education

Using online curriculum resources. (Such as online textbooks and skills enrichment exercises)

Keeping track of assignments

Any device used during the school day is intended for academic use as instructed by the classroom teacher. Students are not permitted to use devices for recreational use unless given permission by an LCDS faculty/staff member.

Can my younger child bring a device to school?

The use of student devices in PreK-2nd grade is at the discretion of the classroom teacher.

What device should my student bring to school?

Chromebooks are a good option for our Elementary aged students (5th grade). These devices are easy to use, have a long battery life, work well with Google’s Education Suite and are economically priced.

Though Chromebooks are an acceptable device for the middle school, it is strongly recommended that students have a laptop which meets these minimum requirements:


  • Processor: Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 (recommended), Intel i3 or AMD Ryzen 3 (minimum)
  • Operating System: MS Windows 10 
  • RAM: 8GB or more
  • Hard Disk Space: 128GB 
  • Wifi Capability
  • USB port (or adapter with USB)
  • 2 chargers labeled with student name (1 for home, 1 for school)


  • Processor: Mac M1 (recommended),  Intel i3 (minimum)
  • Operating System: macOS Big Sur
  • RAM: 8GB or more 
  • Hard Disk Space: 128GB
  • Wifi Capability
  • USB port (or adapter with USB)
  • 2 chargers labeled with student name (1 for home, 1 for school)

* We do not recommend using a Qualcomm Processor.

Who is responsible for the care and maintenance of my child’s device?

LCDS 3rd- 8th grade students and their families are responsible for the day-to-day care and maintenance of their devices. Student devices should come to school charged and ready for use. Devices should be kept updated and checked regularly.  LCDS will not assume responsibility for devices that are damaged or lost while in use on school grounds. Basic tech support will be available to students, as needed, while devices are in use at school. LCDS strongly recommends using a protective case and up-to-date antivirus software for all devices.

How will my child access the LCDS network/Internet?

Students will receive the wireless passcode for the student wireless network during STEM classes at the start of each school year.

Will my child be protected from inappropriate content while at school?

Student Google accounts (Gmail and Google Docs) are in a protected domain which will only allow sharing and receipt of correspondence from LCDS domain members and selected Internet resources. While connected to the LCDS wireless network, Internet content is filtered by domain-level settings in G-Suite and an additional content filtering software.  Though students learn responsible digital citizenship in their STEM classes, parents are encouraged to check the privacy settings and browser settings of student’s personal accounts on a regular basis.

What is the “Responsible Use Agreement”?

LCDS’s “Responsible Use Agreement” is a required form which describes appropriate uses of LCDS’s networks and technology resources.  All students/parents are required to read and accept the “Responsible Use Agreement”, each year, as part of their school registration.  LCDS forms are available in the parent portal.

Does my child’s device need specific software or Apps?

Yes, there are resources students are required to have installed on their devices at the start of the school year. These resources are free or provided by LCDS at no additional cost to families. In addition, your child’s teachers may request bookmarks or free applications during the school year. Lists of required resources are available in the parent portal. Before the start of each school year, LCDS offers device set-up days. Student devices are dropped off, loaded with the required resources and returned before the start of the new school year. Information about device set-up days will be shared through LCDS’s weekly email communication.

Need help or have more questions about BYOT? Please contact our Director of Instructional Technology.

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