Jodi Nordby has been teaching at LCDS since 2014. She was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography and Political Science at the University of New York at Albany. She worked in Geographic Information Systems and market research in Albany, New York and Spokane, Washington before moving to Northern Virginia with her husband and son, Jonathan, in 2001. While volunteering at her son’s preschool, she realized a passion for early childhood education and joined the staff the following year. She has been teaching preschool ever since, and has never looked back. She taught at the Rosie Uran Jewish Education Center in Leesburg for five years before being a Prekindergarten Assistant Teacher at LCDS. She was excited to have the opportunity to teach the first preschool class at LCDS and welcome many new families to our community. When not in school, Jodi enjoys her Pinterest addiction, cuddling her golden retriever Katie and vacationing in Maine with her family each summer.