Joe Kaylor joined LCDS in 2016.  He has 42 years of experience in working with mechanical equipment in a variety of industries, ranging from heavy-duty vehicles to commercial print operations to HVAC units.  He is an ASE-certified Master Mechanic, the highest certification available in the industry.  One of his career highlights was driving NASCAR great Jeff Gordon’s motor coach cross-country.  His skills have also taken him as far away as Russia (technically the USSR when he went) to install specialized printing equipment for a company in the 1980s.  Family is very important to Joe, who has two sons, both of whom live in NoVa.  In his spare time, Joe enjoys working on his lime green 1974 Dodge Challenger (nicknamed “The Grinch”), which is currently tuned to 900 horsepower.  At LCDS, Joe enjoys using the skills he has refined over the years and interact with students on a daily basis to ensure their learning facilities are running at top-notch levels so they can succeed.