Laura Kitselman began her career at LCDS in 1987 after graduating from the University of Virginia. At UVA, she earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology. At the same time, she pursued her desire to teach and completed coursework in Science Education at the Curry School of Education, leading to state certification. She teaches seventh and eighth-grade science and coordinates the Lower School science curriculum. Laura is passionate about science, teaching and learning. A strong believer in the value of hands-on, experiential learning, she strives to create an environment in which her students can explore a variety of topics and methods of experimentation. Some of her favorite activities of the year include hydroponics, mousetrap cars, DNA extraction, and using microscopes. In addition to learning in the classroom, Laura is an advocate of educational travel and has led student trips to the Amazon, Costa Rica, and Key Largo. In her free time, she experiments with cooking and coral reef organisms, knits socks and completes the daily crossword puzzle.