This is Liz Causey’s first year as a Teacher Assistant at LCDS. However, she has worked in the field of education for more than 15 years. She has lived in the Northern Virginia area for the past thirty years, and she is extremely excited to move to her new home in Winchester VA in September! Liz received her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Ed from Old Dominion University. After her last child was born, she decided to pursue her master’s degree. She graduated from George Mason University with a master’s degree in English Language learners. Since then Liz has worked in private and public settings. She has always loved working with children and feels very strongly that all children are unique and benefit greatly from a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, emotionally, and socially. She hopes to help create this type of environment where her students can meet their full potential. Liz has 3 children, Kristin 32, Alex 23, and Andrew 18. She also has 2 cats Nimbus and Nyla.