PE Policies: PK-5th

PE Policies: Grades PreK-5th


      The Loudoun Country Day School elementary physical education program is designed to encompass the development of the whole child, the physical, intellectual, and social self.

In Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten movement education, problem solving is the means primarily used for the development of a child’s locomotor (run, walk, skip, jump) and manipulative (throwing, catching, kicking, bouncing) skills.

The primary grades, First through Third, focus on basic movement techniques, and learning to work cooperatively with others. The children also learn more about their bodies through combining movements that require a more advanced understanding of the locomotor and manipulative processes.

In the Fourth and Fifth grades, there is greater emphasis placed on specific techniques and strategies as it relates to various team sports.  Knowledge of the games and proper sportsmanship are stressed.

In all Lower School classes, lessons are structured to develop self esteem, sportsmanship, strategy, safety, and a sense of fun through movement.


Pre-Kindergarten through Third Grade students participate in physical education classes three times a week for 30 minute classes.  The younger students typically meet in the Multi-Purpose Room with the first through third graders holding classes in the gym.

Fourth and fifth grade students meet three times a week in the gym for 45 minutes.


A. Athletic Events

Fourth and fifth grade students are expected to attend and participate in an annual One Mile Run at Hill School and an annual Blue-Green Track Meet, unless excused by their PE teacher. Other events, such as play days, may be added to their schedule.

PreK through third graders run in a one mile Fun Run each fall and enjoy a Track Meet/Field Day at the end of every school year.

B. Absences and Illnesses

All students are expected to attend physical education class like any other class. If a student is absent from school, he/she will naturally be excused from class. If a student has been sick at home and should not participate in class the next day, he/she will be excused from class with a written note from a doctor or parent. Any extended absence from participation in physical education classes will require a note from the doctor.

C. Uniforms – 4th and 5th Grade

Each 4th and 5th grade student must purchase a Loudoun Country Day School physical education uniform, green shirts and blue shorts with the school logo on it, for PE classes. Uniforms may be purchased online from Cheers Sports. Students are expected to dress in their own uniform at the beginning of class. For health reasons, they should not share uniforms. Cleats are strongly suggested when students are playing soccer and lacrosse, however they are not required. Students who do not “dress out” for PE class will be expected to participate in their school clothes to whatever extent they are able.  Grades will be lowered for students who are unprepared for PE.

D. Grades

Students will be graded based on their preparedness for PE, knowledge of skills taught, effort, participation, attitude, and sportsmanship.


A. Fall

1. Soccer
2. Tennis
3. Flag Football
4. Field Hockey
5. 1 Mile Cross Country Meet (4th & 5th), hosted by the Hill School, Middleburg, VA

B. Winter

1. Basketball
2. Volleyball
3. Gymnastics
4. Floor Hockey

C. Spring

1. Lacrosse
2. Kick ball
3. Team Games
4. Track and Field
Blue – GreenTrack Meet – All 4th through 8th Graders
Lower School Track Meet – All Prek through 3rd Graders

D. Year-round – Coed Swim Team

1. Extracurricular
2. Using Ida Lee Park’s indoor pool on Fridays
3. Competitive with swim meets on the weekends
4. Not required, all welcomed to join, a fee to participate


Students will be transported to all away events and to Ida Lee Pool by way of a school bus. Parents may attend athletic events and take their child home with them, or pick their child up from LCDS upon their return to school.


In advance, we would like to thank all parents for their support. Please remember that parents are invited and encouraged to attend all athletic events, both home and away.  LCDS has a strong tradition of outstanding parental support for all athletic programs.

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