Program Overview

An Extra-ordinary curriculum

For over 65 years, Loudoun Country Day School has provided an excellent education in a nurturing environment. LCDS students are encouraged to step outside their comfort zones, discover their talents, solve problems and make a positive difference in their community. Hands-on projects and immersive educational experiences are designed to instill a love of learning in each student and to prepare our graduates for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Our academic program emphasizes these characteristics: 

Challenging Academics: Through small class sizes (6:1 student-teacher ratio) and a faculty passionate about teaching, we ensure that the classroom is a place where students develop their ability to think critically and creatively, building a strong academic foundation.

Integrated Extras: LCDS’s holistic curriculum includes arts, athletics, World Languages, STEM, public speaking, character education and so much more. Participation in these “extras” is required, pushing students to let go of the familiar and try new skills. 

Character and Values: Our emphasis on social and emotional development and service learning starts early and cultivates students with a deep understanding of the difference one person can make. We immerse our students in an atmosphere of responsibility, integrity, citizenship and leadership.

Hands-on Learning: LCDS’s experiential, hands-on model of learning empowers students to become self-directed learners and confident leaders. Immersive projects with real-world impact allow students to apply the problem-solving skills they’ve cultivated since Day 1. 


In a recent survey more than 95% of our alumni reported that they were exceptionally well prepared for the social, emotional and academic challenges of high school and beyond.
The Garden Lab provides fertile ground for academic growth as students work collaboratively to plant, observe and study cross-curricular projects. 

Bringing learning to life

Just a few examples of the myriad of experiential learning opportunities at LCDS:


Each year, our second-grade classrooms are filled with dozens of chick eggs and incubators to help students study embryology using math, language arts and science. The project also teaches the value of caring and respect for other living things.

Coffee House Poetry Readings

The eighth-grade poetry unit culminates each winter with a public performance at a local coffee house. Each student writes a poem incorporating various literary devices, such as metaphor and alliteration. They read their poems for an audience of parents, classmates and teachers.

Ancient Egypt

Sixth graders create and run their own Ancient Egypt Museum. Serving as docents, they provide tours through an exhibit hall of hieroglyphics, pyramids, mummies, tombs and jewelry. Students also enjoy a brunch of Middle Eastern foods, including hummus, figs, dates and other delicacies.

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Preschool — 8th Grade
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