Middle School

If only every Middle School experience could be this good!

While the Lower School establishes a love of learning, lifelong study habits and a drive to excel, the Middle School program builds on this framework to create a strong foundation for success in higher education. Our faculty strives to inspire excellence, build character and prepare middle schoolers for the challenges and opportunities of high school and beyond. With half as many students in our classrooms as many public schools, our students enjoy more individualized attention, have more leadership opportunities, experience fewer distractions, do more writing, participate in more class discussions, undertake more inquiry and project-based lessons and have more opportunities for public speaking.

We encourage our students to think for themselves and stand up for others. Leadership opportunities are integrated throughout the program, and Middle School students can also elect to join the student council or our advanced leadership development track. It is our goal to immerse our students in an atmosphere that helps them become young men and women whose decisions and values will make them proud.

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Competitive athletics program for all

Every LCDS Middle School student competes on a team, regardless of his or her experience or skill level. This inclusive athletics philosophy promotes teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, discipline and dedication. Our approach fosters not just physical development, but intellectual, social and emotional growth as well.

Program Highlights

Exploration and Discovery

Student scientists engage in inquiry-driven, lab-based classes that encourage the habit and practice of questioning how the world works and solving real problems.

Expeditionary Learning

Field trip and field work opportunities allow students to experience their classroom learning in a real world setting. Adventures like the sixth grade’s Sea Perch project and the seventh grade’s exploration of the ecosystem of Key Largo are learning opportunities that are intentionally designed to support a variety of curriculum content.

Interdisciplinary Language Arts

Interdisciplinary learning cultivates higher-order reasoning and promotes critical thinking skills by compelling students to transcend the boundaries that divide academic disciplines. In sixth grade, our writing-intensive curriculum is interwoven with social studies (specifically ancient and medieval history); in seventh, it aligns with life science; while eighth maps to civics. 

Cultural Competency

Students learn about Spanish and French-speaking cultures through field experiences and a high-school-level language curriculum. Our goal is proficiency — reading, writing, speaking, and listening — and our graduates are well prepared to tackle advanced language and cultural studies in high school.

All-inclusive, Differentiated Math

Excellence in math education requires high expectations coupled with strong support for each and every student. Differentiated math work groups within each grade level allow students to progress at their own pace, and range from laying a solid foundation for future study to highly accelerated programs. Investigative and contextual learning opportunities propel students to develop their deductive and logical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Artists and Musicians

If creativity is the currency of tomorrow, our students are heavily investing in their future today. Studio time encourages them to experiment with pencil, pen, paint, pastel, charcoal and sculpture. Color theory, the foundations of painting and design, working with clay and choice-based, multi-step projects feed their imagination and teach them to think outside of the box. Our music program allows students to express themselves vocally and through band or orchestral play, and our Show Choir is a home for passionate singers who love to perform.

Extracurricular Clubs

A robust array of teacher-led activities allows students to develop and nurture their unique interests or explore new possibilities. From newscasting to photography to serving as kindergarten helpers, these opportunities foster self-confidence, purpose and meaningful social interaction.

Service and Leadership

Through service to others, our students learn to see the world from a different perspective. Combined with our leadership development curriculum and certificate program, this two-fold approach encourages students to develop the skills needed to work both independently and collaboratively, building confidence and empathy.

Personalized Secondary School Selection Process

We work one-on-one with middle schoolers and their parents to help find the right fit for the next step of their journey. This is just one part of fulfilling our mission to encourage students to be lifelong learners while recognizing their individuality.

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