Mission and Philosophy


We inspire students to become lifelong learners, to think critically and creatively, and to lead with courage, compassion, and character.

Diversity Credo: What We Stand For

We believe in and celebrate our core values, at the center of which is respect. We strive to create a genuine feeling of welcome, inclusivity, and belonging for families of all races, cultures, religions, socio-economic status, perspectives, identities, and family structures who share and demonstrate our core values of respect, compassion, kindness, fairness, and a desire to understand and appreciate each other’s differences. A diverse community expands our capacity for understanding and compassion, and deepens our respect for each other.


Our students are lifelong learners.

Every child enters into this world with wonder and astonishment. Our curriculum and community strive to nurture curiosity, inspire natural inquisitiveness and keep that awe alive in developing young minds. An LCDS education inspires a love of learning, broadens a sense of responsibility, develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and empowers students to take action in a global community.

Our classrooms foster critical and creative thinking.

Learning the tools essential for living a thoughtful and meaningful life goes far beyond memorizing important facts and formulas. The goal of an LCDS education is to encourage children to move beyond the “what,” and to seek out the “how” and “why.” Our academic and experiential programs are cultivated to foster active, independent thinking and self-reliance in an ever-changing world.

Learning and leading includes the development of courage, compassion and character.

Exceptional leaders understand the crucial value of empathy, diversity and inclusion. It is our goal for every student in our school to distinguish and develop his or her unique ability to lead.  We strive to exemplify the moral courage and effective communication skills children need to foster respect for themselves and their neighbors and to positively contribute to the world around them.

“All the teachers are welcoming and genuinely caring. A child-centered environment that emphasizes academics is a wonderful combination.” — LCDS Parent

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Preschool — 8th Grade
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