World Languages

Broadening horizons

The program is immersive, interactive and fun! All Lower School students study Spanish, meeting twice a week. During these years, the fundamentals of language acquisition, vocabulary, grammar, reading, sentence structure and verb conjugation are studied alongside an exploration of the cultures of a variety of Spanish-speaking countries.

By the end of the Lower School Spanish program, children are able to write coherent sentences and also begin to converse in Spanish.

As students continue their journey into the Middle School, they may choose to study Spanish or select French as their World Language. In the Middle School, World Language is a core subject, meets four times per week and covers high school Spanish or French levels 1 and 2. Classes are vibrant sessions split among reading, oral dialogs, writing and oral comprehension. 


During the course of their studies, World Language students explore cultures through food, music and thematic units, experience language and culture through field trips, make connections with native-speaking pen pals and develop a love for learning languages beyond their years at LCDS.


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Preschool — 8th Grade
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