Our students are scientists, programmers and engineers.

LCDS’s STEM program is an immersive lab experience, with classes that build on each other to provide a strong foundation of skills. From designing robots to building underwater vehicles, students are engaged in hands-on learning that begins in prekindergarten. Coursework is designed to cultivate responsible digital citizenship, foster creative problem solving and facilitate an environment where students see themselves as innovators.

The STEM curriculum is composed of five tracks: Operations and Concepts; Digital Citizenship; Research and Information Fluency; Creation and Innovation; Communication and Collaboration. Within these tracks, students explore media fluency, researching skills, programming, robotics, the engineering design process, print and multimedia presentations, video production, basic electronics, 3D design and printing, and more. 

LCDS graduates will have completed more STEM education than the majority of students graduating from public or private high schools in Loudoun County.


Eighth graders are challenged to design an invention that improves quality of life. Our students’ inventions are as diverse and creative as they are, including a GPS-savvy “Find Fido” collar and a device which detects downed utility poles and alerts the utility company.

Seeds of Success

Third graders build terrariums to house habitat-specific plant species, use spreadsheets and graphs to record growth data and create a slideshow presentation about their habitat research. The project helps cultivate problem-solving and public-speaking skills.

Ready, Set,

Kindergarten students participate in a coding robotics unit using Bee-Bots. The children are engaged while using the programmable robots to move across a grid, learning sequencing, estimation, counting and problem solving.

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